Kaya Burnitup's Barney's Farm Critical
Critical Kush.......can't wait to taste this one😍
Growing and flowering under a Spectrolight Blast 400 cob-growlight, lightmix will be Batmix soon and nutrition will be Plagron100%Natural.

She's doing fine in my opinion, seems healthy with a nice colour 😍 transplanted her to a 22ltr container and start thinking about what to do with her😁 which techniques will we use?

We'll see about that.......
Soil is a mixture of Plagron Batmix/lightmix, 50/50. Upgraded with some soilenhancer to start some good life in there👊

Started feeding them 1 day after transplanting with a little bit of Alga Grow. Keep u posted


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      05-08-2019 22:32     Reacties ( 1 )
Reacties (1)
 Indoorgrower420 -  05-08-2019

Leuk verslag Kaya!!