Spectrolight blast400 cob grow After choosing strains wanna do this round for under the blast 400 from spectrolight.
A powerfull 400 watts cob grow light.
Also go this time for plagron royalmix 
And added extra to it for each pot 
1 liter plagron. Megaworm
1 liter plagron supermix 
1 liter plagron batguano

I started the ones that where more indica first and two days later the sativas. 
Those sativas have in back both strawberry strains cream and lemonade. 
The first two came up alien gorilla and big bazooka. 
Give them shortly 18 hours and start 12.12 period first of June next week.

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      05-08-2019 22:12     Reacties ( 1 )

Reacties (1)
 Tripz420 -  21-08-2019

I love the structure. Very impressive girls. Awesome light it's keeping your ladies happy and very healthy.